Thank you to all those who took the time, and made the effort, on May 23rd to elect democratically the next Tenants’ & Residents’ Association management committee. The election was run, as required by Camden, by an independent observer, Saleh Kahn, the Estates Manager.


We now have our largest ever volunteer committee, six council tenants and two leaseholders, and with your support, let’s build on the hard work of the previous TRA, then chaired by Gary Comenas, who’d re-built the TRA last year. In fact, the core of the new committee are re-elected representatives and encouragingly, new tenants have offered themselves for ‘service.


Despite being part-time volunteers, giving up our free-time, we will always aim to do our best for all who reside at 25 Gresse Street. That is why you have elected us to act on your behalf, with our landlord, Camden Council, the building’s owner, Derwent and any other outside influences, as well as helping to fulfil tenants' residents’ expectations, aspirations, and if we are able to, to resolve problems.

 NAME (alphabetic order)                POSITION ELECTED TO


BENSON      Ezra                                             Member   (previously Treasurer)

BLOCH         Ed                                               Treasurer  (previously Secretary)

COOKE        ‘Angie’                                        Member    (re-elected)           

GOODBURN Ann                                            Member    (new)

HUGLIN        Jeff                                             DMC rep. (new)

MUNRO         Pamela                                      Secretary (re-elected)

STELB            Paul                                           Chair        (previously DMC rep.)

WINDSOR     Nick                                          Member   (new)



Ø      Reinstatement of CCTV by end June.

Ø      Install by Fire Service free smoke detector to each flat – July?

Ø      Create action plan for deep-cleaning of communal flooring –July?


See the separate notice (Agenda) confirming all the points discussed at our first committee meeting on 13th June.

Thank you.


On behalf of all the new committee.

Paul Stelb

Chair 2012/13 of 25 Gresse St. TRA


Contact points:



Chair’s home phone /answer phone (09.00 – 20.00 Mon. to Fri. only) 0207 580 8574








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3 May 2012: Residents received letters informing them of the new planning application for the extension of the shops on Tottenham Court Road and the change of office space to retail/food drink establishments on the ground floor, mezzanine and basement. The letters are dated 27 April and postmarked 1 May.

To see the planning application, go to:

and type the planning application number, 2012/2232/P, in the application number box. 

Once you get to the summary page for the application, you can send your comments about it by email by clicking on the "Add Comments Here" link. To see the actual application and plans, click on "View Related Documents" at the bottom of the summary page.

2 April 2012: An exhibition of the Fitzrovia Area Action Plan is being  held at the Building Centre on Store St.  until 5 April 2012. A drop-in session was held on 28 March. Our building is included in the plan which seeks to set guidelines and objectives for the development of Fitzrovia. A working draft of the document and a feedback form can be found on Camden's website at:

 Details at:

24 March 2012: At our last residents' meeting, plans were put forward for the extension of the shops on Tottenham Court Road. A previous planning application in 2009 by a different developer for the extension was denied by Camden Council. The Council has, now, apparently, withdrawn the 2009 decision - see Planning Application no. 2009/0257/NEW accessible via Camden's search page for planning applications: 



20  Sept. 2011:  Camden has updated our listing in their Cindex directory with the new details of our group. The updated listing can be found at:

19 Sept. 2011: Galliford Try, the construction company doing the work at 19-22, has issued a letter advising residents of the closure of a section of Gresse St. on 23 and 24 September and that most of the heavy demolition works will be completed this week (with the exception of a brief period in 2 weeks time). See the "Notices" section of the website for a copy of the letter.

9 Sept. 2011: Camden will be holding a "Fitzrovia street problems & solutions" drop-in between 3.30pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday 13 September at Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, 39 Tottenham Street, W1T 4RX. Details at:

7 Sept. 2011: A campaign has begun to save the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre on 39 Tottenham Street which is under threat due to spending cuts. Supporters are urged to contact their three Bloomsbury ward councillors - Adam Harrison, Milena Nuti and Abdul Quadir:

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